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An amazing few days!

Firstly, because I'm sure you're all dying to know, Nicky and I are both over the worst of our bug!

The last couple of days we've been visiting Ol'tuch and the school we've built here and seeing how much our money has changed the lives of these people in such a little time.

We left Ban Lung (our base in Ratanakiri (which translates to the jewel of the moutain)) at 7am, on a 30minute journey in the UWS 4x4, we've keep being told by different people that just a couple of months ago the same journey would have taken at least 2hrs as there were no roads through the jungle. The roads have been bull-dozed and fine to drive in the hot and dry conditions - however, as the "roads" are what we would call mud-tracks there are going to be some problems in the wet season.

This morning, we had a scare and thought for a moment we wouldn't make it to the school, as there was a 12-seater car stuck on the "bridge" (couple of planks of wood over a stream) (see the picture). Lucky for us, the fantastic Sita (UWS Manager in Cambodia) saved the day and pulled the car off the bridge using the trusty 4x4!

We then got to the school, and the children were ready for us, sat in the new school, waving, clapping and excited to see us again, as our car approached the village. Words can't explain how overwhelming it was to see these kids so excited, we had over 100 kids in class this morning.

When we arrived at the school yesterday we went to the old meeting house which is temporarily being used as a school, gathered the kids up and sent them to the new school building and also took a tour of the village to get as many kids as possible over to the school! The class started with some singing, followed by colouring, story time and finishing with PE.

Today, we did the same, some singing, which included the Khamer (Cambodian) version of Head, Shoulders, Knees and toes! They just need to practice the tune now!

We then went out to play some ball! Arranging games for 100 children was chaos! But also very fun to watch! Especially in the toddlers group! The kids loved it!

Next was some colouring time! its was shocking to see how many of the kids didn't know what to do with a colouring pencil, once they'd mastered it, there was no stopping them! Using their coloured in pictures we made up some stories and sang some more songs! Before heading back to Ban Lung for a swim in the crater lake and some food!

Sheena Pabari
Demand/Project Manager
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Day 5

Hi All,

Well what can I tell you about today's adventure...

Due to our illness Sheena and I didn't stay overnight in Ol' Tuch but hit the road for 7am... Our journey consists of dirt road and very dodgy bridges which only a good 4x4 or motorbike can achieve... So why oh way did the blue minibus think it could make the trip.... (See photo)... Sita the project manager for UWS and all round great driver had to pull the minibus off the bridge with his trusted 4x4....

On arrival at Ol' Tuch we were greeted with 116 children waiting for us all waving vigorously and eager to start their lessons. This I have to admit was pretty emotional...

Again lessons consisted of singing, sports and drawing with a story at the end. I have to say I'm enjoying this teaching lark and to know you are doing something so valuable to a community that otherwise would not of had the opportunity if it was for our fundraising efforts. I think ANMedia should really pat themselves on the back for this one!!

Once lessons were over they all headed back home full of joy and singing the songs they learnt today...

Tomorrow we visit other schools to see how when finished Ol' Tuch school will look like once complete. In the meantime I'm going for a swim at the lake then going to settle in for the Man U vs Liverpool game...

Hope all is good back home and check in for tomorrows update.







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Pictures of day 4


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Day 3 & 4

Hi All,

Some of the more astute followers would have noticed that there was no blog yesterday!!! this was because both Sheena and I was very unwell...... Enough said so let's move on to day 4..............

Today we went to Ol' Tuch where our fund raising efforts are becoming a vision. We started by having a small tour of the village and seeing where they gather their water from, as Sheena demonstrates...... One ambition of the village is to have a welll close to the school rather than trekking to the natural spring....

The kids gathered around waiting for school to start. It was great fun to meet the kids and Sheena and I actually did some teaching and sports.

It was amazing to see the older kids helping the little ones and even the parents mustering around the class to see what was going on.

It was also quite emotional to see the joy in their faces by doing something as simple as colouring and singing.....

It's a big challenge to equip the school with everything they need but I'm sure we can all raise enough money to succeed in this worthwhile venture.

Stay tuned for tomorrows update....

P.S photos to accompany this blog are on the main photo album!

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Day 2..

Hi All,

Today started early 5am!!
Not masses to report today as we spent the day travelling to Bun Lung 10 hours on a mini bus...

I've uploaded a couple of pictures but didn't take many while on the road as I was too busy holding my breath due to the driving....

We arrived in Bun Lung at 5pm where we met Chris (United World Schools Director). Who insisted we have a quick beer due to the dusty roads :-) we then dropped our stuff off at our hotel (picture attached) so we could go for a swim in what Sheena and I now consider our hotel swimming pool!!! Which in reality is a crater lake that is just stunning!!!

We are now heading out for some dinner before an early night for another early start tomorrow....

Talk to you tomorrow

Nicky and Sheena






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