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3 Schools and a raft across the river!

What a day today has been!

We're currently sat on the north bank of the river, waiting for a raft to come back and collect us (and the 4x4).

This morning we've visited 3 schools Chai Thom, Jong and Kak, of which 2 were closed as the third Thursday of the month is Labour day and classed as a holiday.

Jong is the most remote school that UWS have built, being only metres away from the Vietnam border.

The drive today has been completely off-road, on nothing more than a mud track. The dust gets everywhere! We really have spent the day so far in the middle of the jungle, we managed to find some lunch in a roadside village cafe, a quick plate of noodles, egg and veg and we were off!

Here's some pics!

Sheena Pabari
Demand/Project Manager
07834 893 531

1_1329383165088_1 Roadside cafe.jpg

2_1329383167088_10 first..juice.jpg

3_1329383171104_2 Jong.jpg

4_1329383172947_3 Teache.. Thom.jpg

5_1329383175463_4 Makesh.. Thom.jpg

6_1329383177119_5 Nicky ..h 4x4.jpg

7_1329383178525_6 Raft and 4x4.jpg

8_1329383180259_8 P and ..ries!.jpg

9_1329383181400_9 car and raft.jpg

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Day 10

Good afternoon intrepid followers,

Today we went to visit the school in Takoko Chria to drop off supplies before we headed to our next village.. However our route was blocked by copped down and burnt trees. In the background hopefully you will notice how barron the area looks this was just three years ago all jungle but due to deforestation the land has been made clear for rubber plantations....

So we headed back to Takoko Chria and did some teaching there.
This left us with a free afternoon so what do you do on a lovely hot day??? Why head to a waterfall for a swim...
We were hoping to see some Elephants maybe even ride one but alas there were none around...

As we were leaving the waterfall there was a stall selling sugar cane juice. This I've never tried and all I can say is yum....

Check in for tomorrows instalment where we are going out to the most remote villages that have UWS schools...







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Day 7 & 8

Good afternoon all,

As you know there was no post yesterday as we took a two day trip to the village of Tiem Krom and there was no signal...

So where do I start??? Firstly it was amazing!! I was a little apprehensive about sleeping in the jungle but sleeping in a hammock is actually pretty comfortable :-) getting out of it on the other hand....

Anyway I digress let's start from the beginning..

Our trip started with a 4x4 drive to the river of Sasen which I might add was beautiful beneath the clear blue sky... (Just to rub it in)... We were to take a half hour boat ride with our equipment to the village. Now when Chris said a boat ride I was thinking a nice big boat nothing fancy just a nice big boat that would have comfortable seats and maybe some shade... Alas it was pretty much a canoe with an engine!!! See pictures...

We had to sit on life jackets for comfort and I had to wrap a sarong around my head for shade.... There are plenty of pictures for you to see so I won't go on...

We arrived in Tiem Krom around 9.30 at which point we dumped our kit and got straight into teaching... (David if you are reading this your right Chris is a slave driver). Again we spent our time teaching sports, singing and art...

At lunch we sent the kids off so we could eat and go for a swim in the above mentioned river... To our surprise we had an entourage of kids who followed us down and joined in with the swimming...

The afternoon we decided to get the kids to build a model house out of bamboo and leaves. A bit like Blue Peter and here's one Sheena, Le'ak and I built to shown them.(See picture) All I'm going to say is guess which one we built!!! By night fall we had our hammocks up, dinner dusted, washed at the pump and was settling down for a game of cards... Then from a distance we heard singing getting closer and closer... By the time we got to our third game we were surround by 20 children all eager to play....

As I said earlier sleeping in a hammock was comfortable but a fairly restless night as turning over was out of the question!!!

The following morning both Sheena and I took our own classes which I think went pretty well.... Although I don't think qualified teachers have anything to worry about just yet!!!

After lessons we had another quick dip in the river before Moy our boat driver turned up to take us back to Ban Lung. I might add on the way back up the river we saw Buffalo which I've never seen in their own environment... so that was cool....

We are now back at the hotel pretty tired and I'm looking forward to turning over in a comfortable bed....

That's it for today enjoy the pictures and talk to you tomorrow.











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A boat on the Sesan river

Morning folks! Today, we set off at 7 for a drive down to a town called Vensai (the old capital of Ratanakiri province) to get a boat to Tiem Krum one of the UWS schools. Where we'll get teaching as soon as we've gone down the river!

We've packed up the boat and got ourselves a chinese takeaway, so we're all set!

The river is decieving, there's a cool breeze, but the sun is scorching, so we've covered up!

Enjoy the pics!

Sheena Pabari
Demand/Project Manager
07834 893 531


2_1329098464260_River Sesan.jpg

3_1329098465416_SP and L.. boat.jpg

4_1329098467260_SP and N..ptain.jpg

5_1329098468541_the team.jpg

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Day 6

Hi All,

So I missed the football due to a powercut!!!

We took to the roads to visit the village of Tien to see a functioning school. It was really good to see a completed project although as Ol' Tuch a well is greatly needed in the village. The school is so successful now that expansion is required so the kids can have a self development room.

In fear of repeating myself it is really great to see what the fundraising has achieved for so many people.

Tomorrow we are off to the Village of Tiem Krom to stay over night with teaching starting at first light. So no blog tomorrow but I'm sure there will be plenty to talk about when I get back.







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